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ГлавнаяNewsWhat are the top 9 stunning container homes worldwide?

What are the top 9 stunning container homes worldwide?


In the realm of unconventional architecture, shipping container homes and offices are gaining attention. London-based architect James Whitaker was initially hesitant when approached by a client with the idea of a shipping container office, given his childhood memories of containers as vessels for transatlantic journeys. However, inspired by a school experiment involving salt crystals, Whitaker's perspective shifted.


Although the proposed office was never constructed, the analogy endured, underscoring the potential for extraordinary projects arising from even the simplest structures. This notion came to life with Starburst House, situated in California's Joshua Tree National Park. Serving as a prime illustration, this innovative residence demonstrates the boundless possibilities of thoughtfully designed shipping-container homes.


Discover our curated selection of standout projects demonstrating the adaptability of shipping containers as eco-friendly dwellings. Explore multi-resident container buildings and DIY tiny homes, showcasing the diverse potential of container architecture for sustainable living.


The Pacific Bin Devon Loerop


Nestled amid the serene woodlands of the Cascade Mountains, the Pacific Bin stands as a remarkable example of sustainable architecture. Constructed from five recycled shipping containers, this innovative dwelling offers a peaceful retreat just an hour's drive from Seattle. Designed by Devon Loerop and his mother, Tammi Loerop, the vision behind this vacation home was to create a unique rental experience that allows guests to unwind and reconnect with nature. With its eco-friendly design and tranquil setting, the Pacific Bin provides the perfect escape for those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.


With the strategic use of five shipping containers, they achieved their objective of seamlessly blending nature into the architectural design. Each room boasts expansive picture windows, enhancing natural light and aesthetics while keeping the costs of the container home affordable.


Container Studio Maziar Behrooz, MB Architecture


Situated amidst the tranquil woodlands of the East End of Long Island, the Container Studio emerges as a captivating architectural marvel. With 900 square feet of sun-kissed interiors and a lofty double-height ceiling, this acclaimed studio beckons as a haven for artistic inspiration. In contrast to the lavish estates that dot the Hamptons landscape, the Container Studio offers a unique retreat. Crafted with the needs of a discerning artist in mind, it embodies ingenious design within a compact footprint, catering to those seeking a functional yet intimate workspace close to their Hamptons abode.


Utilizing innovative design techniques, MB Architecture ingeniously incorporated two affordable shipping containers, each priced at $2,500, positioned above a sturdy nine-foot foundation cellar. The outcome is a spacious and ethereal studio, offering a unique blend of functionality and style at a fraction of the cost of traditional housing.


Starburst House Whitaker Studio


Perched within the stunning vistas of Joshua Tree National Park, the Starburst House stands as a testament to innovative architecture and sustainable living. Crafted from 21 repurposed shipping containers, this custom container home spans 2,000 square feet across a scenic 10-acre expanse. Featuring three bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, and an inviting living area, the Starburst House seamlessly blends modern luxury with eco-conscious design.


Whitaker strategically arranged each shipping container to maximize scenic vistas, control natural lighting, and ensure privacy for residents. Additionally, a solar-paneled carport serves as the home's primary power source, enhancing its eco-friendliness and sustainability.


Casa Oruga (Caterpillar House) Sebastián Irarrázaval


Perched in the picturesque foothills of the Andes Mountains near Santiago, Chile, Casa Oruga showcases the seamless integration of modern architectural flair with budget-friendly shipping containers.


Architect Sebastián Irarrázaval's creation, spanning 3,700 square feet, harmonizes with its rustic surroundings, adhering to local height restrictions. Crafted from 12 shipping containers, including one open-top unit for a unique pool feature, the interior exudes an airy, industrial charm with expansive views of the neighboring slopes.


Måns Tham Container Home Måns Tham Arkitektkontor


In a picturesque setting by a lake near Stockholm, Swedish architect Måns Tham crafted a remarkable off-grid dwelling using eight recycled shipping containers. By eliminating container walls, Tham maximized interior space, creating a modern, sustainable living environment. The innovative design, featuring a spacious upper level mirroring the natural contours of the landscape, seamlessly blends with its surroundings. Inside, eco-conscious materials like reclaimed timber planks and metal panels contribute to the home's green credentials, offering a unique and environmentally friendly living experience.


C-Home Hudson LOT-EK


In Claverack, a stone's throw from bustling Hudson, New York, stands C-Home Hudson, an exquisite modular dwelling fashioned from six recycled 40-foot shipping containers. With ample living space exceeding 1,920 square feet, this eco-friendly home features an airy ground floor hosting a seamless blend of living, dining, and culinary areas. Ascend the stairs to find two generous bedroom suites on the upper level, each boasting its staircase, full bathroom, and walk-in closet.


Large glass walls provide ample natural light and ventilation, enhancing the interior space while offering stunning views of the surroundings. Expansive decks further extend the living areas, seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces.


Virginie Stolz, CEO of c-Home USA, underscores the durability, strength, and modern industrial design of C-Home modules. Prefabricated and move-in ready, these modules expedite the construction process, delivering a new home in significantly less time than traditional methods.


The Hilda L. Solis Care First Village NAC Architecture


In downtown Los Angeles, NAC Architecture and Bernards have joined forces to construct an environmentally friendly residential complex to address the city's growing homeless population. Completed in just six months, this sustainable project incorporates locally sourced and repurposed materials.


Featuring 132 permanent container homes and 100 temporary units, each with private bathrooms, the community also boasts communal amenities like a commercial kitchen, dining area, and laundry facilities. Additionally, landscaped courtyards, a dog park, and ample parking spaces for residents and staff enhance the overall appeal of this innovative housing solution.


The Scenic Orchard Emily & Gabriel Broomfield


In the scenic Adirondack Mountains, siblings Emily and Gabriel Broomfield undertook a unique project, converting a previously used shipping container into a cozy and modern tiny home known as the Scenic Orchard. With expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, guests can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The Broomfields expanded the property's living space with an outdoor patio featuring amenities like a hot tub and custom gas fire pit, offering visitors a luxurious retreat in nature's embrace.


Squirrel Park Allford Hall Monaghan Morris


Developed by Smith Design Company in collaboration with Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Squirrel Park comprises four single-family homes constructed from repurposed shipping containers. Each residence offers approximately 1,400 square feet of living space, featuring bright, minimalist interiors with light wood flooring and paneled walls, juxtaposed against the contemporary, industrial-style exteriors. Wade Scaramucci, director of AHMMs Oklahoma City office, emphasized the project's aesthetic authenticity, emphasizing the integration of off-the-shelf materials like millwork and flooring while honoring the containers' industrial origins.

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